It Started with a Dream


Brand Story

MINDBODY emerged from the vision of a globally-connected world of wellness, where millions of business owners and practitioners help billions of people live healthier, happier lives.

From its first iteration, MINDBODY software has helped businesses simplify their operations, boost revenue and better focus on their customers. Just as importantly, we've connected millions of consumers with wellness practitioners in their communities, driving our mission to improve the wellness of the world.


Our Core Values

Our brand is based on a central mission of "Leveraging technology to improve the wellness of the world." We strive to uphold the seven guiding principles that make us who we are and shape where we’re headed.


Purpose Driven

Recognizing that finding our purpose and meaning is the most important goal of life. Achieving our highest potential through lives of integrity and accountability. Conscious that MINDBODY is serving a global cause greater than ourselves.

Humble & Helpful

Proud of MINDBODY and humble about our own role, because MINDBODY's success is the result of the entire team working together. Freely sharing expertise and knowledge throughout the company. Openly hearing and respecting everyone's ideas, as true inspiration may come from anyone.

Caring & Happy

Caring equally for our clients, our vendors, our community and each other. Striving for "Win-Win" relationships and avoiding "Win-Lose." Taking actions that lead to sustained happiness in ourselves and others. Committed to the spirit of "Woo Hoo!," remembering to have fun no matter how stressful the moment may be.

Committed to Wellness: Mind, Body & Spirit

Embracing all dimensions of wellness: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, environmental, occupational and spiritual. Loving what we do and doing what we love. Aware that we must take care of ourselves today, so that we may serve others tomorrow. Striving for lives that balance responsibilities, relationships, recreation and rest.

Environmentally Conscious

Conscious that maintaining a healthy planet is the paramount responsibility of every human being. Creating work environments that promote every dimension of wellness. Taking actions to minimize MINDBODY's environmental footprint. Advocating for technologies and innovations that improve the health of our planet.

Committed to "Five C" Leadership

Building a team in which everyone may practice leadership daily, regardless of position or title. Promoting into actual leadership, those who best demonstrate:

Competence, Character, Compassion, Catalyst and Courage

Continually Evolving

Recognizing that each of us is completely free to wake up tomorrow and be just a little bit better. Aware that MINDBODY must evolve to remain relevant and useful to the world. Questioning the status quo, not accepting "...because it's always been that way" as sufficient.