Immersive Focus


MINDBODY University (MBU) is an intensive, 2-day live event where our customers learn advanced software skills and industry best practices. In February of 2016, we hosted MBU on the MINDBODY campus in San Luis Obispo for the first time ever. The goal was to align the event with our recently updated brand. This meant that every element, from the atmosphere to the printed materials used throughout, evoked a deeply engaging, immersive experience. 


The team chose education and adventure as themes, positioning the event as an important step in each attendee’s journey to an exciting destination. The words and slogans supported those themes, and encouraged attendees as they worked toward reaching their business goals.

The laurel wreath, associated with academia, represents thought leadership. Placing MINDBODY within this iconic mark fuses progressive thinking with our mantra of continuous evolution. To counter the perception that academia seems elite, hand-drawn signs, shirts and notebooks were used to introduce humility, creativity and collaboration.

knowledge process

Keeping MBU well organized was critical, given that 130 attendees were joining 900 employees on a campus that was rapidly expanding and under construction. Blue t-shirts were given to attendees and orange t-shirts were given to assigned MBU staff to make them easy to find. Executives wore gray t-shirts to distinguish them from event staff. To keep everyone in the right place, hand-drawn signs were used to convey administrative information in a friendly way.

The printed material created a setting that enabled learning, with design choices meant to go deliberately unnoticed and remain in the background. Take, for instance, the color scheme. Dark blue creates a calmness appropriate for study, while orange hints at adventure and highlights the novelty of exploration.

While the design for the signs, shirts and study materials faded into the background of a successful and productive learning experience for attendees, the effort served another important function. When attendees took their swag back to their businesses, they had a physical and emotional reminder of MBU to cue their learning, productivity and positive feelings from the event.