Our Voice Statement

You can hear it in our voice: We love what we do.
That joy, that passion, that love shines through with a radiance we can’t quite contain. Our encouraging tone inspires customers to believe in themselves, echoing our commitment to their success as they blaze their own trails to promoting happier, healthier lives.

You can hear it in our voice: We're human.
Our voice is conversational. We use plain, everyday words that sound natural and authentic. Professional and helpful, confident yet humble. We speak to our customers like trusted friends, with an inclusive and personal tone, and never with a one-size-fits-all mentality.

You can hear it in our voice: We're dedicated.
Our customers inspire us to be better. We share their journeys and power their passions. We speak with intention, and our voice reflects our values as we work and play our way to health and wellness together.


The Power of Our Voice

We want people to know who we are, and there’s no better way to communicate that than through our voice—the words we choose and how we choose to say them. Our voice is the MINDBODY personality when spoken or written. It supports our brand and projects our core values.

Every interaction with customers—every message we send—has a goal. When you apply voice effectively, you’re using a powerful tool to achieve your communication goals. Through our voice, we can shape the perceptions customers have of MINDBODY. Even more importantly, our voice greatly influences how we make our customers feel.