Text and Imagery

When placing text on imagery, picking the correct photo is paramount. It's important to curate your photos appropriately to keep text legible. The text should pair with the subject seamlessly, and legibility is key. If text must cross over people, avoid peculiar placements and don’t place text on faces.





Photography adds a critical human element to the MINDBODY brand. Our words are powerful and photography provides the visual proof to support them. Photos should be selected carefully to match our message, and they should always feel authentic and inclusive.

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In the Moment

MINDBODY customers are focused, passionate and centered. They live and breathe in the moment—conscious of mind, body and spirit—and our photography should reflect this, too. Show practitioners and consumers in their natural environments, experiencing an important stage in their journey. For greater impact, crop your photos to highlight the subject you want your audience to focus on.


Human Interaction

As a company that serves people who work and grow within the wellness, fitness and beauty industries, MINDBODY is centered on the human experience. The value of our service is enabling individuals to realize their dreams. Photography should show them getting hands-on with their work through collaboration and engagement. Capture confident, genuine expressions, keeping in mind that clients and consumers should not appear posed. When taking a photograph of a group, select an individual for your audience to focus on.



Capture the warmth and aspiration unique to MINDBODY clients, and take photos that feel real and authentic. Post production should be minimal, and lighting should feel natural.


Overlay Colors

Consumer-facing photography requires the radiance overlay. This allows all photography to feel consistent no matter the space or vertical featured in the work.

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Dos and Don'ts

Use Appropriate Photos

When you’re selecting a photo, be mindful of clothing, body position and other sensitive elements to ensure the artwork is appropriate for all audiences.

Subtle Gradients
and Overlays

Always keep a piece of the original photo visible and avoid oversaturating the image with gradients and overlays.

Detail Oriented

Remember to account for the small details when placing content over an photo; do not simply rely on laying a transparent solid over the image.



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